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Mail: ELECTRO STAR SRL ADRESA: STR. FERMEI, NR.56A, LOCALITATEA SAFTICA, JUD. ILFOV NR.REGISTRUL COMERTULUI :J23/2253/2006 CUI : RO 19178050 Please contact us, wherever you want!


15 years of industry experience Canalux Plastic Profile Quality, Confidence, Accuracy, Advanced Technology and combining with experience

Cable Trunk, Cable Trunk with Adhesive, Slotted Type Cable Trunk and System Cable Trunks series production and exports to 41 countries around the world.


"... Quality Right Product or Service, in the hands of customers at the right time and right price is to ..."

Charles A.Mills

Charles a.mills

Cable Tray Ceiling wainscot, pulleys and Texture Profile series with the production of the Super Rail Turkey and exports to 41 countries around the world.

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Risk Management Information and prices on our consistent quality products on time with our policy we deliver ...

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